Web Components Marketplace for Ethereum UI Markup


I'm not much of a front-end guy (though always studying more each day). I heard Stephan Tual give a great presentation here: where around 2:20 I think it was QML he mentioned as one option under consideration for Ethereum UI markup.

But why not go with Web Components and use Google Polymer and/or Mozilla Brick for polyfill support? This would seem to really future-proof the Etherum stack and also coalesce with Ethereum's marketplace idea. Devs could not only publish ethereum apps in the marketplace but also could publish ethereum web components which anyone could wire into their own apps.


  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    We know we're aiming to support both HTML and QML, of course nothing stops other templating languages to be included.

    To quote Gav, "Polymer might be a reasonable framework to adopt down the line (alongside others, naturally). We might end up putting a 'normal' webbrowser functionality in, but that'll be sandboxed from the rest of it, both in terms of the system and the UX."
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    This question actually came up in the developer event back in October (around 6:50:00), and the response seemed to point out the inaquecy of the term "Web Components". What the people asking about this mean more specifically is the new set of proposed standards being added the WC3 spec. They're 4 specific features: HTML Imports, Custom Elements, Templates, and Shadow DOM. Info can be found here: http://webcomponents.org/

    So the question is, will we work towards browser-level support of these features and would anyone besides me be interested, and yea, I can contribute to the Mist github possibly... :D?
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