Questions about IPO

I have a few questions about the IPO. I apologize if these have been covered elsewhere, but I suspect others may be interested in at least one of these.

The original countdown was to January 25th, but it is now to February 1. I see the details of the crowdfunding were posted on Jan 23rd on, so what happened on the 25th? Was this just in reference to announcements at the Bitcoin Miami conference? If so, are attendees to the conference given any special opportunity to participate earlier? (I have seen speculation on another forum but no conclusive answer)

Is there a minimum or maximum for funding?

Does the process allow for contributing from multiple BTC addresses?

Do you have ample server capacity in case there is heavy server load or DDOS as soon as the funding website goes live? Every website I have ever seen that goes live at a particular time like this ends up getting hit so hard that trying to get through the first day is a waste of time. I expect this will be particularly true since there is a countdown to a specific time with this.

What happens if large investors come in and you reach the 30k BTC cap quickly the first day? I hope there is something in place to stop this so that the maximum number of small investors who want to participate are able to.


  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    1) It was just in reference to the conference announcement yes, and the opening of the website
    2) Minimum 0.01 BTC, maximum == there is no maximum AFAIK
    3) What do you mean 'from multiple btc addresses'? I imagine you can send multiple times to the intermediary address and indicate the same email address everytime
    4) DDoS , unless of a criminal nature, are unlikely to happen assuming the team has a decent VPS somewhere with a CDN. As much as Ethereum is popular, the field is still very much a niche one (a subset of bitcoin)
    5) AFAIK nothing, but I could be wrong

    Note that a prospectus will be issued soon which I'm sure will answer #5 :)

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