Can't send money anymore.. Help

VabVab Member Posts: 34
I have some money in my wallet contract (it's a very simple contract just for me). Before sending them to kraken, I have to send them to my "base account".
But when I click "send" after specifying the amount and where I want to send the money, this appear:

It is not the adress I want to send my money. When I click "send transaction", the soft crash and nothing seems to be sent.


  • leotau12leotau12 Member Posts: 42
    Im not using myethwallet anymore something is going on with this wallet.
  • lairdromelairdrome Member Posts: 2
    Recurring password problem.
    I created an Ethereum Wallet version 0.7.4 license GPL 3.0 via
    the ETH are stuck because the password isn't accepted anymore.

    My computer is an Acer and it runs on windows 10. My first ETH sits in the main account and can't leave because of a password problem. So I created a second account. The first bit of ETH left without problems from the 2nd one. A few days later I wanted to make another transfer but my second account gives me the same : wrong password. I saw some posts about this so it is not something that happened to just me. Unfortunately the posts are way too complicated for me.

    As you might understand by now, I have limited knowledge of using the keyboard for anything else than writing and calculating. But the whole matter of ETH , DAO BTC interests me a lot, and I happily struggle to keep up with this mind boggling new stuff. I just like it. Gives me a similar feeling I had back in 60's and early 70's. Change is in the air.
    Anyway, can anyone help me or does anyone know of anyone who can explain in layman terms how to solve this problem? Perhaps we could create something not done before in this new field of technology, that works for dummies.
    I hope anyone can be of help.
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