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Some of the recent videos and articles I've seen suggest that the only way to buy Ether will be via BTC transfers. I asked before, but didn't get a direct answer: Will it be possible to buy Ether using other payment methods such as credit card, certified cheque, etc.? If it makes a difference, I live in Canada.

I think it is important to make this clear as early as possible, because, ironically, people are probably going to have to sign up to a centralized Bitcoin exchange, and get verified, some time in advance, if they need to make a significant purchase of BTC in order to participate in the Ether offering. I have already, reluctantly, started to do this, though I was hoping that more open, and less onerous, options for purchasing bitcoin would become available before now.



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    You need bitcoin to invest (per the whitepaper). is not centralized.
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    Thanks, don't feel like meeting someone I've never met with a large briefcase though. :) Hopefully I will get connected to a Canadian exchange soon.
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    Was sent an unsolicited request to purchase bitcoin. Not sure if this violates policies of this forum.
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    It will be BTC only - one interface for everyone, regardless of level of investment.

    It's possible to envisage institutions/individuals providing passthroughs from other cryptocurrencies or even FIAT, including CC, because we cannot control that.

    I don't think that's such a great idea. On one hand, it adds convenience, on the other, it's unlikely 3rd parties will provide these services for free. If you're going to accept that a 3rd party is going to take a cut from what you purchase, why not purchase BTCs instead from an exchange, or localbitcoin/dealcoin/bitbargain etc? It certainly would be much less risky.

    Furthermore, what if 3rd parties just take the money and run, attempting to 'impersonate' us as a project, and ripping off people in the process? We already saw a few attempts, even before we announced anything (people selling futures on Ether when we haven't even set the price yet - disgraceful).

  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    @cmason - it could, depending if it's widespread or not.
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    Okay, thanks, I see your points. I was hoping to avoid having to sign up with an exchange, but I guess I will need to do so.
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    With localbitcoin you don't need to sign up.
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    Hi guys. I am setting up an open Skype group to discuss Ether sale and other Ethereum related topics. You can join here if you are interested:
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    @cmason, you don't have to sign up anywhere and you don't have to meet a stranger - if you want you can wire me your money and after I get it I'll send you bitcoins.
    I hope this addresses your two stated concerns.
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    Okay, since I don't want to meet someone in a dark alley, and I don't want to send money to a stranger and hope it works out, I have broken down and signed up for, and been approved by, an exchange in Canada. Hopefully in a couple years, this will no longer be necessary, but for now this will be my onramp.
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    Actually, I want to change my position and I think Ethereum is doing a very good job with their approach to the launch. The Ethereum Project is providing good communication on what is going on, and even their pre-alpha client is multi-platform. Looking forward to investing.
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    Hello. I've been scouring the internet for 1 hour now and CANNOT find any source that can tell me when, where or how to purchase Ether. Are you fellow messing with my mind? : ) How about just a real simple post on the blog, the forum, twitter, etc. stating when, where and how? C'mon guys, let's be transparent shall we?

  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    Eastside, we are transparent, the answer is that we have not announced it, hence the lack of results when you looked for it. Cheers!
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