how to transfer my Eth's!?

i bought Nxt Coins and Ethereum Coins, and i have 2 different wallets for them..
My problem is that i cant transfer my Ethereum coins, because i don't understand how to do this. With nxt it was much more easy..
Well, i'm using and when im trying to transfer my Eth's they say "Please fund your user account with sufficient ether (~0.01 ETH /tx ) for gas (transaction fees)". After that i tried to transfer it like this (~10 ETH / 0,3) but it was not working and they said "must specify amount to send" and i although tried (10 / 0,3) and a lot of other varanties..

Please help me

Would be very lucky if someone could help me and if somebody really will help me i'm ready to send him/her 0.5 ETH !!

Thank you


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