Something is strange with the passwords (pws turns...? or something like that)

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I added another account in my Ethereum-wallet. There are 2 accounts(wallet adresses). At the first transaktion all was fine but it has not listed in my transaction history. After I added the 2nd account something went wrong with the passwords... The account wich usually works with the passwort won´t work but the other with this pw, the more the less... If I type this pw to transact some eth it will visualised in the transaction history for a moment. A few minutes later this transaction is canceled. It seems I never tried to transact some eth... I tried some password combinations for the other account wich are possible to access the other account but nothing works...
This happens if I use v0.7.4.

The history shows for example this as exaple in the blockchain: --> Unable to locate Transaction entry

If I try the seemingly working pw for the one account with v0.7.3 the program closed unexpected.

The pw validation seems to be changed to the account but one of the accounts I can´t access it doesn´t matter what I try.

Please help.
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