Takes long time to get into wallet

I'm a newbie but I managed to buy some ether a few days ago via bitcoin using shapeshift.io. I confirmed the arrival of the ether in my ethereum wallet (mist?). But I notice when I tried to look into the wallet today it's taking a few hours to get in (still in progress) to get in...panel says ethereal node needs to sync, please wait...downloading block 1505596 of 1535475. It's been stuck for the last few hours.

I guess my question is this...is this normal and will I always have to endure this every time I want to access my wallet? What are these blocks being downloaded? Why can't I just login into a website to see the wallet?

Thank you for helping.


  • WitchmanWitchman Member Posts: 44
    I just go to etherchain.org to check my wallet, The Blocks are the Coin and transactions moving, w/o them no blockchain/Ethereum It is the Minting/Mining of the coins plus the movement of Coins from Wallets.
  • jaikathjaikath Member Posts: 3
    Can you tell me how to use etherchain.org? Do I type in an account no. In the upper right hand box? Not sure where I would get it... the ethereum wallet app is still frozen for the last few hours. Thx for your help.
  • WitchmanWitchman Member Posts: 44
    edited May 2016
    Yes, upper right box. You would use your wallet address as account # I keep my Wallet address in a txt file so I have them when ever I need them, just a thought.
  • jaikathjaikath Member Posts: 3
    Thx...I will try it if I can get into my wallet...one day I hope!
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