Parallel chains; PoS and transaction fees to those doing work.

davidpbrowndavidpbrown London, UKMember Posts: 15
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Would Ethereum benefit from having parallel chains, all of which use the same private key and public addresses? Obviously DVC addresses map to BTC but I don't know whether there is a limit to doing that for many chains. Having the same addresses would perhaps make life easier on the users but might need thinking about early on.. if there is to be more than one chain.

I don't know whether Ethereum is looking to 100% PoW mining but when I'm thinking about mining I tend to preferring PoS for stability though obviously in Ethereum the reward for work needs to be there too.

Finding the right balance between PoW and PoS, is perhaps a challenge for traditional alt-coins but I wonder could Ethereum not have PoS that creates new coins coupled with then transactions fees that distribute the rewards to those who have done work, rather than having PoW only system? Perhaps that is what's planned already, I don't know. Since Ethereum is beyond the simple first generation currency coins, I wonder a new approach balancing PoS and reward for work could be taken like that, one which hasn't been tried before simply because those other coins are only interested in creation of currency and not in then also rewarding work done.
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