[urgent] 7218 eth hacked when using mist. needs community power and interesting.

cpplovercpplover Member Posts: 38
One Ethereum miner has stolen 7218 eth , when send DAOHUB token presalses.

Detailed information is following link.



So, Ethereum normal users participates monitor hacker's bad actions.
How about add comments on etherchain.org and etherscan.io .
Also It may be very good movement , checking the hacker's address.
and deny of withdrawl or transaction from hacker's ether addresses.

please copy following sentences and add comments on divided address.

Stolen eth 7218 from Patrick ( 0x95a3bA0AabC6296CbBE3862a889EcB37979dA493 )
plz refer



stolen 7218 eth to divide 74 eth accounts with 97.45 eth after about 5hours.
It looks like hacking ether and mixing BOT.

please monitor and add comments and inform to cryptocoin community and poloniex and kraken or anyother transactor.
Let's DO track the hacker's action and capture who is devil.

Thanks for participation in advance.


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