How to send ether using gert

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Ok I am clearly not doing something right. I read several thread about this but no one seems to come back and write what they did.

I want to send my 2.999796167889323 Ether from 0x7Fa62e50FFa9Bd556C15fF4447526AE1B641AA36 to 0x4E12B112140dAb9dC3fA9DfdcE7dF645DFC323D4

On windows 7 i go to start and run CMD.exe
\start geth -rpc
\gert attach
in the console
> personal.unlockAccount("0x7fa62e50ffa9bd556c15ff4447526ae1b641aa36")

and here things go strange:
> eth.coinbase

> web3.toWei(eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase), "ether")

????? How is that possible?

Accofidng to the blockchain i have 2.999

No when i use
> eth.sendTransaction({from: '0x7fa62e50ffa9bd556c15ff4447526ae1b641aa36', to: '0x4e12b112140dab9dc3fa9dfdce7df645dfc323d4', value: "2.999796167889323"})

But that trx does not exist.
So what I am doing wrong?


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