HLL Win64 Compiler Question

aatkinaatkin Member Posts: 75 ✭✭
I had some trouble on Win64 with the python HLL complier (using Python 3.4). I'm very new to python. I get the following when running from the console:

print ' '.join([str(k) for k in compile(open(sys.argv[1]).read())])
^ syntax error in line 251

I also noticed some problems with another program which didn't use print() with the parentheses.
I'm trying to run the user friendly front end. (https://github.com/arekzb/compiler)

C:\>python run.py -i script.cll > script.es

@vitalik Many thanks for fixing the suicide command and for the python compiler update to 3.5.
@gavofyork? Any chance we can see HLL as a tab option in the POC4 client? I've never written a compiler, but I'd love to help. Thanks!


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