Zpool Dual mining issues

cpluscotecpluscote Member Posts: 86
So I've been mining decred with claymore's dual miner on zpool for the past few days and I just noticed what seems to be a big problem. Ethereum is the only other coin I've mined, so pardon me if I'm missing something here....

My question is about share % contributed to decred earned.

It seems like every block that is found I I get about 20% less decred payout than I've earned. For example with a block size of 18 decred and over 5% shares submitted I should be getting at least 1 decred per block mined. It seems to come out to about 20% less than it should be at ~.83xxx decred per block. This happens with every block. My miner reports less than 1% invalid shares. The hashrates reported seem to match up with the site's readout as well. Pool has a 2% fee...

Am I totally missing something here? Why does the math seem off?


Check out the last 50 earnings tab on the bottom right and you can check out each other the blocks' decred volume if you click on the pool tab up top, making sure you have the decred coin selected.

This is really a shame because they convert it straight to btc for me. Hopefully some of you are familiar with this pool or have more mining experience that may explain this issue.



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