Is the clock-sync warning hardcoded ?

JasonLoCascioJasonLoCascio Member Posts: 14
Messing around getting Mist running on 2 Azure Win2008 Servers. Both instances insist on the "your clock is not set to sync automatically" warning. This is despite the clock being set to sync with the internet (

Ordinarily I'd ignore it, but I'm wondering if it's the cause of some instability I seem to have with Mist/Geth ....?


  • JasonLoCascioJasonLoCascio Member Posts: 14
    Having trawled through more java than I cared for, here's the scoop:

    MIST uses a library function to determine whether the clock is set to sync.

    That function inspects HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time for the value of "Start".

    If "Start" is 3, the function returns a true and everyone is happy.

    On my Server2012 setup it was "2". Changing it to "3" seemed to shut MIST up.

    MS documentation on what "Start" means is poor.
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