Questions Regarding AlethZero

Cerr0rCerr0r Member Posts: 1
What does Preview in the toolbar do?
What is Name Registrar, and why is it needed?
Where in the GUI do I view my Public Key?
Where does AlethZero save my wallet?
Is there anyway to change Listen port like startup parameters?

So I manage to figure that the client saves register keys in windows "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ethereum\alethzero" I am now able to change port and see where my private key is saved. But still can't figure out were to see my public key, what Name Registrar is and if AlethZero uses any parameters.


  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    Hello Cerr0r! :)

    - Your public key(s) are listed under the 'owned accounts' panel.
    - Name registrar is the address of the namereg contract, it's a panel included for convenience, nothing more

    None of the current GUI is representative of the final product.
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