2x7970 and 3x 380 issues

sweeppickingsweeppicking Member Posts: 3
Hello guys, im from Argentina. A old Litecoin miner that comes back from get some coins.
I`m mining with my 2 7970 watercooled and 3x 380 ITX.
Im getting some unestability problems in the rig.
This is the hardware

Asus maximus VI Extreme
i7 4770k
8 gb 2133
2 SSD in RAID 0
2 sapphire 7970 watercooled
3 380 ITX sapphire
2 PSU NZXT 850w (1 mother, and 2 7970, the other 3 320 itx)
Windows 10

I can get nice results by mining with 4 GPUs but when i use 5, the AMD driver starts to crash.
Im usig the 7970s on the motherboard and the 380 with risers (not energyzed cause the mobo has energyzer)
Firts, i get crashes when i try installing AMD driber (15.2) by using the 5 gpus.
Then i get out the 380s and the intallation goes well.
But now the ethminer crashed minutes after the starting and im getting only 88 hs, before was 104hs.
Any other drivers?

Thanks guys
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