[MONITORING] DwarfPool Rig Monitoring Bot for Telegram Messenger (α version)

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Monitoring rigs on DwarfPool with Telegram bot.

This is ALPHA version and can crash or someelse... soo use this service AS IS. Thx.

BOT STATUS: OnLine (TestMode, DB WIPED 24/04/2016)

How does it work?:
Bot monitoring rig status with API of DwarfPool. If API says - Rig DOWN, bot send u message.

Official Telegram Client:

Bot Contact:

How To:
Add bot to ur contact list. Send to bot only ONE registation message of TWO NOTIFYCATION MODES! Send message only ONE TIME! If u want to change notyfication mode, delete wallet (or all wallets) and register again with mode what u need. Use EMAIL adress what u use in proxy conf (notyfycation email), we dont use ur email adress for something send or else, email adress need for API request on DwarfPool.

Notifycation modes:
1 - Notify only 3 times if rig down
/add_wallet WALLET EMAIL

/add_wallet 93395ec0caa0622b11441bf26d01b2fe36bf8797 [email protected]
/add_wallet 0x93395ec0caa0622b11441bf26d01b2fe36bf8797 [email protected]

2 - Forced notyfication mode. Send u messages yet ur rig will up and stay Online!
/add_wallet WALLET EMAIL True

/add_wallet 93395ec0caa0622b11441bf26d01b2fe36bf8797 [email protected] True
/add_wallet 0x93395ec0caa0622b11441bf26d01b2fe36bf8797 [email protected] True

Delete wallets:
1 - Delete from acc only one wallet:
/removewallet WALLET

/removewallet 0x97395ec0caa0681b11440bf26d01b5fe36bf2797
/removewallet 97395ec0caa0681b11440bf26d01b5fe36bf2797

2 - Delete from acc all wallets:


Status bot check (OnLine/Offline):
Send to bot any simple message, for example send just 1, if bot online u receive message from bot too.

XXX (Send) [24.04.16 23:17]

Sasha Grey, [24.04.16 23:17]
Still alive... Keep calm and relax.

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