Raising Funds for Blockchain Startups via Ether Based Crowdfunding

Hello all Ether Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs!

We here at Investors’ Angel would like to inform you about a very attractive opportunity to fund your startup.

We have vast experience in funding blockchain startups and now are focusing on raising funds via Ether based crowdfunding for blockchain projects.

If you are eager to raise funds with Ether, we will help you to prepare all necessary documents, provide you with marketing support and finally raise funds for your business.

We are working on a success fee basis. If you are interested, drop a line at [email protected] (subject: Funding on Ether)

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in this thread.

All the best,
Vincent Hall,
Consultant at Investors’ Angel

More about Investors’ Angel: https://www.investorsangel.com/

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