New to Ethermine, have a question about strange Reported Hashrate..

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Hey guys,
I am having a problem with a huge variance between my reported rate with etherminer..If you take a look at the SS I have attached, you will see that my reported Hashrate is swinging between 41.5MH/s and ~20MH/s..I am running a single 290 (1.2Ghz core/1.3Ghz memory) which is fully watercooled using Eth-Proxy, Ethminer running on Etherpool..

System is Windows 7 Pro with Cat 15.10..This rig is used for Web use as well, but GPU-Z reports that GPU usage stays @ 100%, and you can see my temps are icy cold, 41C Core/55C VRM1..

My command line settings: ethminer -G --farm-recheck 200 --cl-global-work 16384 --cl-local-work 256 -F

While my stats on Ethermine are looking a little better since I got up and rebooted this rig (did a Driver reinstall since CC wasn't showing some settings)..If you look at my reported Hashrate, it is better showing 35 out of the peak 41 that ethermine shows, and my 24hr average has come up, but if you look at the graph there you will see the crazy swings. Anyone have any ideas what I can try?

If you look at this example, see how this miner's reported and average are essentially the same, with non of the huge rollcoaster swings I am seeing? I want to get like that! :)


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    In my experience, one card will give you a rough looking chart like the yours, but when you add more cards, as your hashrate goes up, it gets less rough looking and more like the second example you linked.
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