New Project (Ethereum + IoT)

Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the correct category to place this but I have an idea for an ethereum project combing IoT. I've done a whitepaper on it and have a basic website ready. I like the concept of a DAO to run the company as we can draw on expertise and engaged 'owners' from all over the world. It will use of a currency which is linked to the overall concept. Q: to protect the idea do I just create and issue a currency now for say 1,000,000 units? The currency is what will be traded by individuals and organisations that use the service & the name of the currency is important (not critical but important). Once I have that locked in can I then look to raise a bit of seed capital by offering early shares before potentially doing a crowd sale in a few months time. I'm also looking for a bit of technical expertise. My background is in Accounting/Finance. BMS (Hons)..
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