Blockchain sync extremely slow on Geth

RotarRotar Member Posts: 2
Iv been trying to sync the blockchain on Geth for the past three days now and have only managed to catch up to 807300th block so far. Though initially i enjoyed download speeds of a few second per 256 blocks, speeds have decreased to more than two min per 256 blocks.. at this rate i dont see myself completely synced before another week..

Random search on the net revealed that I may need to sync my clock with the console, try port forwarding, turn off firewall and/or antivirus etc and iv tried all of these but in vain..

however,I can't seem to find any enodes to manually add on the command line, is there a list of enodes somewhere, or the enodes of the bootstrap nodes? I would be grateful if someone could post a list of 10-20 current stable working nodes.

My win64 rpc-node has only 1-2 current active peers.

Please give me advice on what to try next, I'd really like to be a part of the network and mining!

Thank you for your time.
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