Should gpuShack/ethOS host the forums?

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The Ethereum Foundation has requested that the community decides who should host the forums.

Should gpuShack/ethOS host the forums? 42 votes

Yes, gpuShack/ethOS should host the forums.
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No, gpuShack/ethOS should not host the forums.
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  • kotariuskotarius Member Posts: 331 ✭✭✭
    Yes, gpuShack/ethOS should host the forums.
    gpuShack/ethOS is willing to administer the forums going forward.

    There will be no need to re-host or re-migrate because we will use the same Vanilla hosted option that is currently active, minimizing potential downtime.

    Furthermore, we will not moderate the forums, instead, people with at least 500 posts on the forums will have the opportunity to apply for moderator status.

    Finally, we are not affiliated with any pool, so the chances of bias are reduced.
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    No, gpuShack/ethOS should not host the forums.
    And what long term guarantee of continuity can we get from GPUShack, or any other PoW mining candidate?

    GPUShack in particular may be having a golden age of income now, but what happens when GPU mining is unprofitable and your revenue is slashed? Likewise with a pool owner. What will be the sustaining income after PoS?

    I'm not suggesting self interest here. We all value the forum. But I'm quite concerned about longevity and commercial ownership opens up a great amount of uncertainty.

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    Yes, gpuShack/ethOS should host the forums.
    gpuShack started in Dec 2014, when many considered GPU mining to be dead. We are primarily an online retailer of GPUs. ethOS is a side project, gpuShack's revenue is not seriously affected by it.

    To answer your question specifically, we have enough money to pay for forum hosting for many lifetimes, so that is really a non-issue. I think the best candidate to host the forums is an entity that does not require a financial incentive to operate it (such as gpuShack).

    With regards to PoS, that is set in a date sometime in the future, is currently unknown and undecided. The forums have been given two weeks to choose a home. We should focus on that first.

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    No, gpuShack/ethOS should not host the forums.
    So the user "clueless" joined today and voted in favor of gpuShak, reminds me of classic hypers on bitcointalk. What a joke lol
  • cluelessclueless Member Posts: 2
    Yes, gpuShack/ethOS should host the forums.
    Why a joke i'm mining crypto for years (since the beginning of bitcoin)

    I've seen numeros projects/forum/pools vanishing faster than i can read my daily newspaper (due to lack of human-resources and money).

    It is not that bad idea to host a forum at a place where the financial future is mostly secure !

    btw you registered at the 7'th of march...... wow and you voted for no.
    So what is your expertise ? to vote no ?

    Have a nice day

    If you are the cryptux on ----> bonjour a paris !
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