eSports Betting with Ethereum

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More than a week ago I had an idea to use ethereum contracts to create a more decentralized way of eSports betting. Currently the biggest site for CS:GO betting is completely intransparent, all the money is controlled by only a few people and nobody knows how big their share is. So that's why I decided to come up with a contract that is 100% transparent, verified and has a low fee. I know that an oracle contract is not 100% decentralized, but it is much better to have an almost compelte decentralized platform than having one centralized that is 100% in control of the operators.

Even though we first debut about a week ago, during the big CS:GO Major, we haven't officially launched until now. During this week we completely rewrote the site and some backend stuff. We hope you like it and please tell us what you think :)
  • 100% transparent (Contract with verified code)
  • 0.25 - 100 Ether bets possible
  • Fair and low fee system. 4% payed from the losing balance pool. Fee explained
  • Safe: Contract returns all coins if a match was fixed or a party cheated!
  • Safe: Contract automatically returns all coins if bet is locked for more than 28 days
  • Powered by the well trusted guys behind
To our Ethereum eSports betting platform:

You can take a look at the contract code here

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