Second opinion for PSU

theneogeo1982theneogeo1982 Member Posts: 530 ✭✭✭
Hello all newbie to the forum, I must say lots to read and take it. However I'm not new to computer hardware, that being said I'm just looking for a second opinion on power supply recommendations. The setup I want to do is as follows:
Asrock h81 pro btc
G1840 cpu
2x4gb ddr3
1 32gb ssd
6 r9 380 2gb GPU
Now my thoughts are corsair ax1200 ( got wicked deal on returned and not used items) then maybe 750-850 watt
I would use 750 or 850 to hook up 2 GPU then ax1200 for the other 4 and use add2psu adapter. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


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