need your votes

cobracobra Member Posts: 18
hi guys,
i didn t find any categories where i can post this but it s for helping a researcher friend and this could help her a lot in her research ,thanks in advance for voting

Hello everyone!

I trust this message will find you well. Your help is needed as your vote could really make a difference. My friend is currently competing to win a 70k$ Keysight Oscilloscope for their research project in the following contest:

Since every vote counts, I am kindly requesting you to vote for my friend Nilu J.
you can vote 3 times in a row per day (consecutively without any time delay) until april 15! We need a maximum number of votes to Win the Prize.
They may request you to sign on Facebook but it’s only to verify that it’s an actual person and not a spam-bot.

Thank you so much for your support!
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