BigRisk - f**k it all (very risky)

Dear all,

Since ETH price are falling, let's have a little game. This is the usual contract we are now used to see on this board BUT only deposits multiple of 100 ETH are permitted (insane, right ?)
You might call this exhuberance or even FUD (now I'm getting used to it as well) and you might even be right.

What do I get over this ? Mostly fun and thrill but I'm also the first one to invest.

Anyway, you'll find the info below.

This time I feel I have to warn you even more:
- this is not an investment, it does not create value. It only redistributes it
- stakes and risks are high (but so is the profitability -> both come together)
- only invest money you don't need
- make sure you understand the code and the risks before investing
- if you feel incomfortable with any of those sentences before, do not invest at all
- (post your name below, I want to see the whales :) )

How to enter ?

Send a multiple of 100 ETH to 0x2a53F42aD8BbA138C21b50a4e5711f18381A61E9
To send ETH, you have to use the official wallet or use the geth command line

eth.sendTransaction({from: eth.coinbase, value: web3.toWei(1, 'ether'), to: '0x2a53F42aD8BbA138C21b50a4e5711f18381A61E9', gas: 250000})

Contract verified

What is the multiplier and fee ?

Multipilier x2
No fee
No kill function
e.g.: you send 100, you get 200 once the balance is sufficient
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