“common-people” user accounts, wei and Dapp

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Dear ethereum’s guys !

Here come a question from a newcomers that hope there is no RTFM somewhere about this really question !

This is my project / use case :
We have a “private” network of node with some wei mined by each node and some contracts inside. While it’s only the owners of the nodes that do operations on contracts it’s ok, no real problems.
But imagine that we want “common people”(1) to do operations on some contracts already implemented… How do we manage that ?
After looking, testing, reading a lot of stuff, the concept of “accounts” seems a way to go.
I see how to create accounts via the console, but I’m not clear about 3 things :

1) Can we make the account creation available throw a Dapp ? I have seen this library https://github.com/SilentCicero/ethereumjs-accounts but deprecated for this one https://github.com/ConsenSys/eth-lightwallet where the documentation and described use-cases seems no more related to account management for me...

2) How do the mined wei by the node are distributed in the differents accounts on the node ? They all goes to the accounts[0] ?

3) Creation of a new account in the console create a new key in the “keystone” folder. This key is a private one that can only by unlocked by the passphrase. Can we possibly use a key hold by the user (on a card or a secure usb key) ? Any possible link with the webid protocol https://www.w3.org/2011/identity-ws/papers/idbrowser2011_submission_22/webid.html ?

So, to sum-up, can we actually build a “on private network Dapp" accessible to any “common people" throw a browser. This Dapp propose a service that allow any one to registrer, the system pushing him some wei in order to fire some functions of existing contracts ?

(1) By "common people", I mean people that don’t have the required knowledge (nor time, or interest, or necessary hardware) to set-up a node… something like a non-geek in fact :)

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