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with which graphics card I have the highest mining success. which components do I need


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    Vram is important, as the DAG continues to grow, you can still mine for the moment with 2GB cards but it's a bit late for them, the best set up would be R7 370s with 4gb, with an appropriate PSU, and a motherboard with enough PCIe slots to run them, of course you'll need PCIe riser cables, I'd recommend the USB type, make sure they have molex/sata power connectors. you could go for the R9 390 which is a little more than twice the price, about 2.5 times the power consumption but double the hashing power, but it only takes up one slot.

    a good motherboard to do this with is the Asrock H97 Anniversary edition.

    personally, I can't get my cards to work, my system detects the cables, but not the cards, so, take from that what you will, maybe i'll find a fix soon.

    there is a dedicated thread to GPUs on the forum, but in any case a worthy mention are the HD7970s, HD7990s, and R9 280s, they take a bit more power but they're well rounded, but hard to find, even used.
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    this list is pretty helpful because they include driver versions and system OS
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