Nice Guy Ponzi - every 10th guy gets the fee for 10 turns /w a catch.

Please don't let this be bugged. Please don't let this be bugged.
So You know the rules of a ponzi scheme. And If you follow my username, then you'll also know that I'm very incompetent.
But that doesn't mean I don't want to be creative. And try out complicated stuff. AND CONSTANTLY ASK FOR HELP AND GETTING NONE!

How does it work?

Well... insert 0.01 ETH to 10 ETH in the address below:

10% fee (which changes hands every 10 deposites, the catch is below.)
+25% deposit increase
0.01 ETH to 10 ETH deposit

The tenth investor is the "Nice guy" meaning that he doesn't get his deposit back or the deposit increase,
instead he gets the fee for the next ten turns.

Life is so exciting isn't it.

Here is the source.
Here is my blog, which I already fail to update Sad
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