(This is cross-posted from ltbcoin.com. Please forgive the duplication. )

Is this acceptable? Can we discuss politics here, especially when bitcoin, or bitcoin-related technologies are involved? I would like to see a dedicated category for such topics. I think this is appropriate for two reasons:

1. Bitcoin itself can be politically disruptive, and can have an impact on current and future political conflicts.

2. Many people interested in Bitcoin come from a political persuasion that could bear additional discussion. You have Anarchists, Libertarians, Liberals, Socialists and even Communists that may have views on Bitcoin and how it might impact society.

I think it would be useful to provide a space for such discussions, especially if we believe cryptocurrencies and 2.0 technologies might provide radical new ways of interacting with each other at the individual, community, regional and even national level. After all, if we really think bitcoin can change the world, we'd better be prepared to talk about how this could happen, and what forms it might take.

Thanks very much.


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