Upgrade Geth for Mac (brew) error: ethereum 1.4.0 already installed

Thanks to the community for creating tutorials on how to install mist and how to backup the keys, unfortunately I found less documentation on upgrading.
Last time I used mist was February, so I went on github to check last version available.
Wait, it is mandatory to upgrade geth before using the new mist, because of homestead.
Allright... let's update geth:
brew update
brew upgrate ethereum

at this point I get the error:
ethereum 1.4.0 already installed

Wait a minute... is this a dev version of geth?

What's the last stable version of geth, and how can I install it?
Or.. can I stay with 1.4.0 ?


to upgrade mist I just need to drag and overwrite it in the applications folder, right?


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