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gonzokawasakigonzokawasaki LondonMember Posts: 11
i imagine that one of the simplest contracts you could create would be something like an automated subscription service contract. This would be useful to many companies and content providers. I can imagine this kind of thing taking off early as many companies would value a totally automated service which collects payments and even authorises access to content.

What do people think about this. I cant help feeling something like this is a good useful starting point. Many of the potential ideas that could be implemented by ethereum are perhaps exotic. Maybe basic utilities like this will have a more immediate impact on web based content providers.

Any thoughts?


  • mids106mids106 Member Posts: 188 ✭✭✭
    Yeah, this sounds like a great service. Can you think of a minimal feature set / API that would be required to build this?
  • gonzokawasakigonzokawasaki LondonMember Posts: 11
    I must admit i hadnt got that far in my thinking yet. i was just trying to think of a useful contract that might be worth writing and testing. I really want to have a go at some contract code.

    It occurs to me more and more that just about any current payment service could be replicated with ethereum. You could even replicate services like bitpay i guess, you just need to add the conversion to local currency. When you think of it like that the possibilities are pretty mind blowing.

    I am more front end than back end so API isnt something i would be too familiar with. I am really just trying to think of real world examples that would have some traction in the near future as opposed to some more exotic or esoteric ideas that may take longer to be more widely adopted.

  • comtechnetcomtechnet Member Posts: 57
    @mids106? - likewise - I'm looking for something to sink my teeth into
    U want to collaborate on this?
  • gonzokawasakigonzokawasaki LondonMember Posts: 11
    i would be up for getting to grips with some contract code. it would be great to see some more coding activity on here. i guess thats really what we need now.
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