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  • abrknabrkn Member Posts: 6
    Hi everyone. I'm Andreas, CTO and co-founder of Justcoin, a digital currency exchange. I've been coding since 1996, cryptocurrency since 2011. I'm here out of curiosity, maybe to invest, research an eventual integration between Justcoin and Ethereum and to code some open-source node.js libraries and tools along the way.

    The whitepaper was enjoyable, especially the scripting. It reminded me of Ripple Contracts.
  • goshakkkgoshakkk Member Posts: 2
    Hey everyone. I'm Gosha, an anarcho-capitalist and a software developer.

    I've been in to Bitcoin for a few years now and it is amazing. My interest in finance markets and instruments should at least partially be credited to Bitcoin — I didn't really wonder about those before I got to know Bitcoin. Thanks to Bitcoin, I, being underage, had (and still have) an ability to trade derivatives on platforms like without being restricted by violent regulators, which aim to protect me from myself, even if I don't want to.

    Bitcoin is changing the things by excluding malicious actors from voluntary and peaceful exchanges. When the govt prints shitload of money and especially can control the banks with threats, it has a powerful tool in its hands to arbitrary prevent certain exchanges from happening or certain types of businesses from being conducted. With Bitcoin, you can safely transfer value to whoever you want and there is no one to stop it.

    Ethereum goes even further by essentially allowing people to remove trust and third parties from a broad range of other things. Some of them were possible with alt coins and similar technology tied to one specific use, others were practically impossible. You can create a contract that will be an interface to your startup shares — you will easily be able to create certain restrictions on how the shares are to be transferred (for example, no more than 30% of your balance may be sent in a given day or nobody can own more than 20% of all shares in existence), pay dividends to shareholders and hold transparent democratic votings on company matters right in the block chain.

    You can create a contract which will be an autonomous reputation system, something like bitcoin-otc, but completely transparent. You can create a contract which will represent a custom financial instrument. You can even create a contract which will be a currency itself on top of Ethereum.

    Ethereum is like HTTP and contracts are like web apps with open storage and source code.

    This is the prospect I couldn't be more excited about. Ethereum has a long way to go, and some things are still to be discussed (particularly transaction ordering, CLL and contracts' storage system), but ultimately, I do believe it is going to be a game changer in the long term which will bring us to a less violent society with little or none trusted intermediaries.
  • AnsielAnsiel Member Posts: 5
    Hi I am Aaron, a small time web designer developer :( who is humbled by all the folks on this forum. Looking froward to interacting with ya all and learning about the Ethereum ecosystem. Cheers.
  • FrictionlessCoinFrictionlessCoin Member Posts: 6
    Company that focuses on building crypto-currencies.

    * Developer and Maintainer for iXcoin
  • gaiagaia Member Posts: 5
    I'm Eddie and I first came in contact with Bitcoins in early 2013. I'm not much of a developer, but I'm a marketer, community builder/influencer. I speak fluent Portuguese and I'm a dual citizen of Brazil/US. I'm ready to help spreading the word on ETH in Portuguese, be it with translation work, setting up an exchange or building solutions that take advantage of the (infinite) possibilities in ETH and are suited to the Brazilian market.

    PS: I've registered and I make it available to transfer to the ETH team, or allow them to use it as needed. Initially I will redirect it to If you need assistance in registering I can also be of help.
  • Jam10oJam10o Member Posts: 61 ✭✭

    Hey everyone,
    I'm [going to be, after the summer] a CS undergrad somewhere in the UK. I've been following bitcoin et al. Since 2009 but I didn't actually acquire any until earlier this year.
    I've spent alot of time lurking in the sidelines of the community, but would like to be more of an active participant in the discussion and eventually, the development of cryptocurrency. Ethereum addresses the few doubts I had involving bitcoin, and it comes at a point where the community seems to be more mature.

    I can't wait to see all of the amazing things that everyone here will accomplish.
  • cablestudioscablestudios Member Posts: 4
    Hi all,

    This is a very exciting time. Congratulations to the founders. I'm constantly checking updates.

    Vitalik; congratulations on a smash hit conference!


  • romanixromanix Member Posts: 10
    Hi all,
    I'm working in bank as project manager doing single dealer platforms and algorithmic trading projects for fx. Some programming experience with Python for side projects.

    Zürich, Switzerland,
  • unimerciounimercio Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for coming down to Miami, you were hands down the conference rockstar. No doubt, we could sense history was being made. My only regret is, the host cut you off .

    We're anxiously looking for ways to contribute to Ethereum success.

    Miami International Bitcoin
  • darkmatterdarkmatter Member Posts: 12 mod
    Hi All,

    I'm currently working on a transaction scripting based bitcoin project. My initial interest in Bitcoin came after reading Nick Szabo's papers on Smart Contracts. Any project which aims to implement the tools necessary to develop these types of instruments have my support. I will be reading up on the project in the next few days!
  • frzufrzu Member Posts: 2
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    Hi all,
    I am Matt. I am a circuit designer in Austin. I only became interested in cryptocurrency less than a year ago, but have become quite obsessed with its potential to change economies and society. I cannot stop reading on the subject and listening to Bitcoin podcasts. I am very excited about Ethereum and the promise this project holds to truly become a platform for all things distributed.

    This is such an exciting time, I almost wish I had gone into software instead of hardware. Nonetheless I hope to find an avenue to make a meaningful contribution to the community. If nothing else, I am looking forward to being an investor/crowdfunder!
  • ddink7ddink7 Member Posts: 49
    Can somebody PLEASE post a video of Vitalik's speech? I've been scouring the internet but I can't find it posted yet. I mean like everybody has smartphones, right??? =)
  • ning_changning_chang Member Posts: 1
    Hi i'm Louis, I'm an cyrptothusiast, animator, designer and creative. i'm currently working on a cryptocurrency related app due to be launched in early march. I think my main interests lie in trying to work out how to aid adoption by communicating the benefits of cryptos to those that arn't technical. essentially demystifying it to people who are interested or just getting into it.
  • SirAlanSirAlan Member Posts: 7
    Hello Guys, Alan here. I just read about this project and thought id have a look. I am network engineer by profession, live in Holland and been following the cryptocurrency happening since max keiser spoke about it somewhere in 2010. Great times. Hope to see and read more from you guys. Best of luck, Alan.
  • Benjamin_BBenjamin_B Member Posts: 12
    Hi everyone, I'm an academic author and educator, and a bitcoin hobbyist, investor and miner. I've admired Vitalik's writings for the magazine for quite some time, and I'm deeply impressed by the far-sighted innovation of this project.

    One question: the bitcoin protocol itself is not Turing-complete, and Ethereum is asserted to have a Turing-complete scripting language, but were is it proven to be?
  • ddink7ddink7 Member Posts: 49
    I have a master's in history and am the assistant director of a college bookstore. I also teach history from time to time. I only recently got interested in crypto, and I think Ethereum shows enormous potential as something even larger than crypto--a way to decentralize the entire web. Definitely planning to invest and am following this very closely!
  • fkodamafkodama Member Posts: 5
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    Hey there. Im Flavio, computer engineer. My feel is that ethereum is the linux and bitcoin will be the windows, in a business point of view. Nice to meet you all. Good job and good luck!
  • MilanMilan San Diego, CAMember Posts: 46
    Hello. I'm Milan. Formerly a "real" engineer, now technical editor, photographer, electronics tinkerer, bitcoin addict, and stay-at-home dad. I've always loved programming, but as a hack/tinkerer. (Most recently playing with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and python.)

    Reading everything I can find on Ethereum, and trying my best to understand it. I can't wait to see where this all goes, it's going to be awesome. I'm planning to help if I can, learning the basics of Go and GitHub while I wait for the IPO.
  • giannidalertagiannidalerta Miami, FLMember Posts: 76 ✭✭✭
    Hi guys, it was great meeting and hanging out with you guys this weekend at the conference. Vitalik your presentation was simple and concise. Very well done and loved the mob around you after the conference.

    Also loved meeting the rest of the crew, Anthony and Charles, thanks for being so warm and welcoming.

    Looking forward to all things Ethereum. :)
  • gyro1234gyro1234 Member Posts: 5
    Hello everybody.

    I'm uhm. Lol. I'm really nobody in fact.

    I guess I'm just a young person, just turned 24...

    That has way too much time.

    I think I'm probably kind of like somebody who just before picking a direction for study etc wanted to see where the rest of the world was going.

    Basically after a couple of years that has resulted in me worrying myself about global problems that are impossible for me to solve on my own. But it doesn't keep me from worrying about it.

    And yeah when you really notice that everything seems to relate back to this dumb money system from today...

    And suddenly see something like bitcoin pop up. Yeah you automatically in the end, end up on initiatives like this...

    And I know nothing about programming or pc's. But somehow I do have like this...

    Intelligence somehow. Yeah I can't really explain.

    I like it. I can't say for sure.

    But perhaps I just have eye for what's going to get hot... in some time from now... Don't have anything to add to this team though.

    Yeah basically the only thing I possibly cóuld do is that if it ever develops... into like... this project where everybody working are specialists of their own in their own field.

    Maybe I'm just completely irrelevant. I don't know. Whatever. I'm just interested I guess.
  • kvbkvb Member Posts: 12
    Hi All,

    My name is Valentine. I'm a quality engineer and manager, web designer and programmer previously. My passion for the last year is with the cryptocurrencies and other decentralized systems.

    I really like the idea of Etherium and see a great potential in this kind of system if implemented in a proper, professional, cautious and quality manner. I think the cooperation of the core Etherium team with the community should be a top priority above anything else, because the complexity of this system will require an effort from many hundreds and thousands of individuals working passionately together towards a common goal and a brighter future.

    May the Ether be with us!! d:-)
  • mwilcoxmwilcox Member Posts: 9
    Hi all!

    I'm Mark, I'm 21 from New Zealand and just graduated from my Honours degree in Communication Studies where I've been doing research looking into Pervasive Games and how interactive media combined with narrative in a physical space allows for exciting new possibilities.

    I'm currently working at a startup company that is building a platform to enable anyone to create pervasive media experiences, making use of all the new wearable technologies and things that are beginning to take hold. We see augmented reality as a window to enabling all these new kinds of experiences.

    We see great potential for the Ethereum network if it is able to succeed. It aligns with my personal values but also promises a lot for the future of society. We see version 2 or 3 of our platform as ideally existing on top of the Ethereum network, though it would have changed form to some extent at that point. I'm a firm believer in innovation at the edges, without permission, and the transition from a hierarchical society to a networked society.

    This is a really exciting time for those who believe in decentralisation. The possibilities are simply crazy. I'm keen to connect up with like minded people.
  • PlatonicgapPlatonicgap Member Posts: 11
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    Steve here. My education is in aeronautical science and business. I'm managing a fund now. Also I keep a blog "The Bitcoin Prophesies" ( My last project was co-founding a 106 lot 30 home subdivision in La Paz, Baja South, Mexico ( I've been following bitcoin since early 2011 and it has fit into my borderline obsessive austrian/libertarian/monetary history studies ideally. It seems like the anecdote to what's wrong with the world. What really got me fired up was reading Vitalik's first article on bootstrapping a DAC in bitcoin magazine; I remember reading it the day it came out. What has always fascinated me most about business was the idea of being able to set up an organization to run on its own on good systems. I decided right there if the technology were to develop one day I would build a DAC. With Ethereum that day may come sooner than anticipated. I'm really looking forward to it.

    P.S. Thanks to Vitalik, Charles, Anthony, Amir and if I'm not mistaken Mihai was there, thanks guys for your patient explanations at the conference.
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  • chaparrochaparro Member Posts: 1

    I´m Alexandre Chaparro, i´m 34 from Portugal. Very into decentralisation and inovation.
    I see great potential for the Ethereum network to succeed.
  • scriptioscriptio Member Posts: 5
    Hie.. My name is Jacob and I am here in the pursuit of knowledge and all things progressive and smart - although most of what is transmitted here goes over my non-technical head! So if there is ever an Ethereum for Dummies, it could well be dedicated to me!!:)-
  • superfreakaholicsuperfreakaholic Member Posts: 6
    Hi, I heard about Ethereum a few days ago, and I think it's an interesting project. A programmable distributed network. Essentially, this has application far beyond even contracts and finance. What is being created here is a distributed code execution system with a system of computational rewards. Very powerful. Imagine all the problems you could solve if software was executed in a cloud and was always open source, and always trustable. You could run voting machines, health care systems, traffic navigation, the possibilities are almost endless. Amazon cloud would be a thing of the past as individuals earned an income simply by owning and maintaining servers in their homes to support the network.

    There are several challenges though - the core scalability issues have not really been addressed in the white paper. We are still limited to a small TPS as well as a single block chain. Moreover, the plan for inflation is still deflationary, which isn't going to work. In any case, I'm hopeful that if Ethereum doesn't work, something similar will.

    As for me, I've worked in high frequency trading technology as a developer for investment banks for 15 years, and have an masters in business and financial modeling.

    Glad to meet you all.
  • HammerHammer Member Posts: 20
    Been following Ethereum from the start, very excited about this project.
  • cphicphi Member Posts: 46
    I'm CJ. Just finished watching Vitalik's Miami intro the Ethereum and really see the merit of the project. I will be as involved as I can be from now on.
  • fabiofedericifabiofederici ZurichMember Posts: 16
    Hi, I learned about Ethereum a week ago, when I met one of the cofounders. I was really excited about all the possibilities this platform will offer. Looking forward to the launch.

    My name is Fabio, I live in Switzerland. I'm cofounder at Coinalytics, we are building an analytics webapp for Bitcoin. If you would like to learn more, feel free to drop by at or ping us at [email protected]

  • mlacortemlacorte Los AngelesMember Posts: 27 ✭✭
    Hello. I'm Michael, and I live near LA.

    I've been researching how to build a distributed datastore where your data is provably secure by enforcing that a user is only allowed to download as much as he/she uploads, and he/she is only allowed to store as much data on the network as his/her client stores locally (divided by the replication factor).

    It's straight-forward enough to write clients that do this, and the MaidSafe Platform is even looking pretty promising, but enforcing correct behaviour network-wide was proving to be a challenging issue. I knew that distributed consensus was a problem that the Bitcoin folk had a pretty good solution to, so I was researching ways to achieve the desired behaviour by making Namecoin-esque altcoin when I heard about Ethereum, which seems to be an ideal solution to my problem.

    Ethereum appears to be the first protocol to entirely solve the problem of distributed trust in a way that a normal developer can leverage without having to spin up their own altcoin. This seems to be a massive step in the right direction, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this type of technology.
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