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mikemike Member Posts: 13
Hi, I'm Mike. I first read about Ethereum on the Bitshares forum, read links. I've since heard more from a friend. The idea of a Turing Complete blockchain based crypto asset language is fascinating. It would be great to have a unified development platform for Distributed Autonomous Entities, or whatever people choose to call them (Decentralized Applications, Distributed Autonomous Corporations, DACs, etc.) I'm curious to see if it can be used to implement neural networks and AI for DACs.

I am interested in developing a training program for new developers in the crypto assets field, since all of the projects seem to be limited by a shortage of developers with the needed skill set. Ethereum looks like it would be a good platform to use in a training program to build an ecosystem around.


  • VitalikButerinVitalikButerin Administrator Posts: 84 admin
    Welcome Mike, and glad that you're interested! I'm Vitalik, founder of Ethereum.

    It would definitely be very interesting to see just how much intelligence we can put inside an Ethereum contract. It's a particularly interesting problem here because you're combining AI and economics; your only input sources essentially transactions submitted by rational (and irrational) actors that have their own incentives. Is there an incentive to submit the truth? Will people try to skew the result? Will your algorithm have vulnerabilities in it that let a small percentage of actors have a disproportionate influence? All very complicated questions that I'm sure it will take years to resolve.
  • mikemike Member Posts: 13
    Hi Vitalik, glad to meet you. This is a great project you have conceived. I'm still reviewing all the docs.

    I'm interested in implementing neural networks as binary cellular automatons, along the lines of Wolfram's A New Kind of Science. This may be implemented on the blockchain, or maybe instead having neurons in the clients using the blockchain for axons. As an example, to model and forecast securities, I'd represent a security, as a neuron with four states, 2 bits - up, down, no change, no signal. The network would normalize data to a range from 0 to 1, using all available data from the orderbook and external market conditions as inputs.

    The AI/neural nets are an advanced application. I'll be happy to pursue much simpler projects in the mean time to get things up and running. Thanks for starting this project. I'd be interested in knowing what skills and programming languages will be needed to work on this.
  • flugflug Member Posts: 7
    Hi, I'm Dave. Just caught Anthony Di Iorio mentioning Ethereum at the Bitcoin Decentral launch party on CoinTalk 013, and ended up on this forum. Looks exciting! I'd be interested in any ways non coders can help the project early on, either by running a node, investing thru crowdfunding, or buying up currency to drive the price. Best wishes for the project.
  • freebornfreeborn Member Posts: 5
    Hi I am Austin. I work in the Open Source Archival realm (think library and archives, not tar), mostly as a linux deployment tech / devops. I am interested in Ethereums application as a decentralized market for data storage platforms. We have many institutions that need to rapidly scale their storage as well as work together to host each others content(trust free resilience). Using contracts/credits to rapidly allocate disk space and pay for bandwidth is the dream. Open transactions, initially took my attention in this space, however ethereum seems like it may be an aspiring competitor.

    I look forward to getting some nodes online as soon as we have a genesis(ETA? :]). As well as donating/buying up ETH in order to drive up the price and put resources in the hands of developers. Thanks for all your work :)

  • arckearcke Member Posts: 34
    Hi, Im Ivo and I am interested to see what capabilities the blockchain has to offer the world. I have a background in computer science and programming as a career. I belief in autonomy and think cryptography and cryptocurrency have a major part to play in the development of human rights, freedom and equality around the globe. I am looking forward to see what will be built on top of Ethereum's Turing-complete blockchain.
  • petervpeterv Member Posts: 4
    Hi I'm Peter. I'm the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and I love the idea of a turing complete blockchain. I think of the Ethereum proposal as a fascinating toolkit for building decentralized smart contracts. I'm really excited to see where this goes!
  • mwestmwest Member Posts: 4
    Hi, Mike here. My background is in distributed databases and web apps. Excited about the possibilities of a turing complete blockchain. Hope to learn more and contribute to this great project.
  • digitaleyesdigitaleyes Member Posts: 1
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    Hello, my name is Dave and I'm finishing my Master's degree in Bioengineering but it certainly is damn hard to concentrate since I got the bitcoin bug back in April. I don't have a cryptographic background nor do I have much computer science background (though I've dabbled with applying machine learning to predict neuronal firing to no conclusive ending), but I really enjoy challenging myself in trying to understand complex ideas to balance out all the silly ones constantly assaulting my brain. Ethereum already looks to be the most promising idea since the invention of the blockchain and I'm intending to wrap my head around its functionalization and modes of utilization in the coming days.

    Above all else I'm humbled to merely have the ability to interact with those both interested and associated with this project.
  • ArdonArdon Member Posts: 4
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    I think I just met the nicest person on the internet and his name is digitaleyes Dave.
  • HorseloverFatHorseloverFat Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm a Dickhead, and I'm hoping that Etherium will provide a means by which a Vast Active Living Intelligence System, or spontaneous self-monitoring negentropic vortex, will progressively subsume and incorporate the universe into arrangements of information, and save us all from the Black Iron Prison.
  • markomarko Member Posts: 5
    Hello, Marko here. Really interested to see how this project progresses!
  • HaposhiHaposhi Member Posts: 14
    Hi, I'm Haposhi, a postgrad engineer at Cambridge.

    I saw ethereum on reddit where I was looking for help developing a blockchain based secure messaging system. It looks like this will be easy to implement with your API, and the whole thing looks very promising. I'll make a thread to discuss my first impressions and ideas.
  • ArdonArdon Member Posts: 4
    I am Ardon Lukasiewicz, you may know my brother Jaron from Coinsetter. I founded Bitmarkers which partners with real casinos to offer the first real world bitcoin gambling. Our focus is to spread bitcoin in the gambling world as the preferred payment option by disrupting the $140bn+ flow of funds while vastly improving a player's financial privacy, ease in funding their trips, and the removal of all of the international transfer fees and third party decision makers.

    I have been in bitcoin for ~2 years and this project is the first one to have me excited about an "alt" since then.
  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    Hi I'm Stephan, I live in London. My background is in programming, entrepreneurship and highly scalable enterprise transactional systems.

    I'm really excited about Ethereum as the white paper both addresses a lot of the concerns I had around meta coins and includes innovative approaches to increasing theoretical TPS. It doesn't hurt that the Turing complete implementation evokes fantasises of real-life Daniel Suarez books :)

    See you around on the forums!
  • samwelsamwel Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm Samwel. Read about DACs/DAOs a while back and knew it was the future. Read the Ethereum piece today and found it to be the most elegant implementation proposal yet. Would love to get involved.
  • lightcoinlightcoin Member Posts: 6
    Hello everyone! I am John and I am a Bitcoin consultant, writer, and entrepreneur from the SF Bay Area. I will be helping the Ethereum organization interface with the community, and I'm looking forward to creating something amazing with you all! Please contact me here on the forums or on Twitter @lightcoin if you have any questions or suggestions.
  • techguytechguy Member Posts: 4
    Hi, I am a software developer from India. I am very excited to see the future of Etherium. And I truely believe, that it has great potential to come close to the bitcoin. I have started tuning my brain towards Turing-complete systems :)
  • hilarohilaro Member Posts: 2
    I'm just a schmo with a shitty job that thinks all this crypto stuff is super neat. I'm excited by the idea that, with ETH, even dumb guys like me might be able to mess it it in a meaningful way.
  • phoenixphoenix Member Posts: 9
    Hi, I first read about this project on the bitsharestalk forum, where my username is also phoenix. I'm still reading through all the ideas on the wiki and whitepaper, and when I'm done I'll probably have a lot of questions about how this will all work. But I'm very excited about the possibilities already!
  • southerncrosssoutherncross Member Posts: 10
    Hi all
    I'm a complete newbie with Neanderthal type computer skill's and was an absolute crypto virgin until just this week.
    I've read up about them and so on but never took the plunge.
    But I've seen the light now and I get it, and even with my limited grasp of things ETH looks like a paradigm shift of biblical proportions.
    Good luck with the Launch. :)
  • FreddyFenderFreddyFender Member Posts: 39
    Hey y'all. FreddyFender from the b'talk forums. I'm here to polish my coding skills and learn how best to help this new community.
  • RolandRoland South Tyrol, ItalyMember Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Roland, background in sw development and project management. Currently reading more about Ethereum than bitcoin.
  • BenBen Member Posts: 1
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    Good morning, everyone!

    I'm Ben Rossi, a software experience designer from Virginia, USA. After being introduced to the Ethereum project through, I read through the white paper and love the promise that the framework provides.

    I'm an active member of the Peercoin community, where I focus on building tools and adapting educational resources to make it easier for people to get up to speed on crypto currencies. It's my goal to learn as much as I can about how Ethereum works and find places to contribute to the community. Like many of you, I also plan on investing in the initial Ethereum funding round.

    I'm also Mtinie on Reddit and, and @b_rossi on Twitter, so feel free to contact me through any of them if you have any questions.
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  • TeslaTesla Member Posts: 1
    Hi. I am a telecom engineer that has just recently started researching this fascinating crypto world. It has taken up most of my free time since about the first of December. So far I have acquired some bitcoin and xrp.

    I am looking at Ethereum eagerly and still have a lot of reading to do. I feel like I will have to mine to make this a more profitable venture because of the PoW aspect. If that is the case, I apologize in advance for my incoming noobness. It would be my first crack at mining and I would want to do it efficiently.

    Also, I am very impressed with Vitalik's professionalism and abilities shown thus far.
  • romanmromanm Member Posts: 37
    Hi , I am Roman I have a 13 years of different Java projects,
    I made some work on bitcoinJ. I am very excited about the
    idea to take the best from Bitcoin and to enhance it with
    the options for further development. I hope to help to the
  • MsCollecMsCollec Member Posts: 9
    Hey guys,
    Mscollec from BTT looking to learn more about Ethereum
  • nrwnrw Member Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I'm Nick, and I've been involved in Bitcoin to an extent for a few years now.

    I've just read most of the whitepaper, and I'm blown away; I'm fully in Philip J Fry "Shut up and take my money!" mode right now.

    Depending on what I find as I continue to investigate and think about the project, I'll be contributing a chunk of my BTC to the project, and I'd also like to contribute to any Python or JS implementations and clients.
  • CybnateCybnate Member Posts: 3
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    Hey there, just very curious what Ethereum is all about and how it can be used. Looks like the HTTP protocol for cryptocurrencies and DACs. Very interesting concepts and will be close to follow how things will develop.

    Have been around in the crypto scene for a few months now, which feels like ages ago. So many interesting developments since.

    Not sure around all the fuzz around the IPO though. Seems like a long-term investment which is high risk in a world which is changing ever faster. But will probably aboard with some of the services provided in some way or the other.

  • Bourbon44Bourbon44 Member Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    I'm Ed. I'm a grad student here in Atlanta. Got into the whole crypto currency thing a little less than a year ago when I started writing a paper on crypto-currencies. I don't have a computer science or engineering background so I will likely be asking a lot of questions. My background is finance and economics. However, I'm very interested in Ethereum and I look forward to getting in on 2/1 although it appears that there is much to know first.
  • bjtbjt Member Posts: 17
    I'm Ben, I'm a developer with experience in Python, Java and C# and just starting to get into Go. The features advertised by this project are exactly the things I hoped to see evolve out of bitcoin, and I want to be a part of it. I'll be reading code as much as I can at first, but eventually I'd like to make more active contributions. I want to see a distributed, trustless, reputation system because I think that, combined with bitcoin, it will empower a medium for free exchange invulnerable to censorship.
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