reported hashrate 100 Mh/s effective hashrate is about 70 mh/s!!!!!!!!!



  • rigproxyrigproxy Member Posts: 26
    mchu3599 said:

    Effective (Actual) Hash rate: Calculated by the pool from actual number of valid shares accepted by your hardware. This is affected by discovery of a block, network speed (stale shares), network hash rate, difficulty changes etc. etc.

    I agree. And each pool may have its own hashrate calc algorithm.
    Your mining software will also randomly choose nounce values and you could get bad numbers for let say 1 hour whereas you have gotten good numbers for the previous 4 hours.

  • respirespi Member Posts: 2
    Hashrate dropped from 29 Mhs to 16mhs on one gpu but will go back to 29 eventually . 7 GPU rig mininng ETH using Ethos all GPUs are 580 ellesmere 8g some cards going as low as 4 Mhs. It is random from card to card. This is 14th day running the rig previous 13 days all cards showing a consistent 29 Mhs. Any Ideas on why this is happening.
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