Dear all,

I'd like to present you a new game, "Highlander" !!


Even in your own tribe of immortal savages, you are perceived as one of the bravest. But bravery comes with a cost: to remain immortal and earn the respect of your peers, you have to be undeafeated and unchallendged during 24 hours... If another contestant rises up, you might get beaten to death.

Features (the serious story )

- To became the highlander, you have to be the last one to send ether during the last 24 hours
- If someone sends ether after the 24 hours delay, all the balance (except 5 eth) goes to you
- If someone sends ether before the 24 hours delay, he is the new contestant and has to remain undeafeated during 24 hours
- The cost of becoming a contestant is 5 ETH
- I've already precharged the game

How to enter ?

Send exactly 5 ETH to 0xD361e374bE9e3907FCEAC60c6EA5CbDcE89fC9ae
To send ETH, you have to use the official wallet or use the geth command line
eth.sendTransaction({from: eth.coinbase, value: web3.toWei(1, 'ether'), to: '0xD361e374bE9e3907FCEAC60c6EA5CbDcE89fC9ae', gas: 250000})

Contract verified : https://etherscan.io/address/0xD361e374bE9e3907FCEAC60c6EA5CbDcE89fC9ae

What is the cost?

Exactly 5 ETH. If it is not (higher or lower), the amount is sent back to the send and the 0.1 fee is not taken

Personal note:
- I hope this game feels different to you than the usual Ponzi Scheme -> go LittleCactus, be a good cactus )
- There's a kill function which is usable only if the balance of the contract is lower or equal than 5 ETH. I made this to avoid losing the precharged 5 ETH, once someone enter the game, I cannot kill it anymore) -> this is not a fuck-you feature Smiley


Although the contract code is verified, this is a betting game which means that it doesn't create value. It only redistributes investments according to the scheme.
This might seem to be a game but it's still money you are sending in the end. The creator is not in charge of the holdings, everything is on the blockchain.
Please review the code before investing
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