Dapps Efficiency and Real Value

3esmit3esmit Member Posts: 23
I think the new cryptocurrency revolution is about what ethereum is aboutm the Dapps.
I understand the value of Dapps like you don't need to hire people to assert fair money handeling, so each Smart Contract is a load in the distributed computer, so for that 1 ETH would be valueble for the porpouse of asseting fair money handeling, so the reason for giving value for our collaborate work is for how great our system works.
I see some forks and other implementations of Dapps like LISK.
Why choose one over other?
I imagine that that should be like why a computer is better then other: because its faster, can do more things together, its more robust.

Are my ideas correct or I am dreaming? What you think about Dapps efficiency and its value?
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