GPU Optimized Stilt BIOS' - Anyone Have Them?

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I've only recently learned of these stilt BIOS'. I'm fairly new to mining myself and so don't have any old copies from mining LiteCoin or anything.

I've been reading about them and searching/googling for certain downloads for days now and unable to find any.

Does anyone happen to have a repository of them all or a bunch of common ones?

I saw a few rar files labelled Stilt Tahiti Hawaii Collection but they turned out to just be fakes so far.

I have a few cards that need them a Gigabyte 7970 (Elpida version) & 280X, an ASUS 280X & Sapphire 290.

All the main Dropbox links that they were originally posted to have been removed.

There's a list of them all (or most of them) here:

Any help is appreciated!

- Psi
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