Problem sending (function) transaction to contract [Fixed - My bad]

KatatsukiKatatsuki Member Posts: 17
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I'm trying to execute the changeFee function on my contract. It has an onlyowner modifier. When the account that owns the contract tries to execute the function this happens:

However, other accounts seem to be able to make the same transaction just fine (except it doesn't actually execute):

Why is this caused and how can I fix it? Tried osx and windows wallets 0.5.1 and 0.5.2, same problem everywhere.

I also tried making the transaction through geth like this and also wasn't successful:

myContractInstance.changeFee.sendTransaction(60, {from: eth.accounts[1], to: contractAddress, value: 0, gas: 200000, gasPrice: eth.gasPrice});

Some help would be really appreciated.


  • KatatsukiKatatsuki Member Posts: 17
    Disregard that I'm retarded. I thought I had implemented the fee in 0-100 range, but that was the multipliers. The problem is that I was entering a value that was too high (60 rather than 6).

    And that, kids, is how you waste 2 hours of your life for no reason.
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