I can explain how to promote DAPP for free

Revenue sharing model for every DAPP you build is opening big opportunities.
For example if you have 10% house fee - you can share this with our Traffic Owners - and you can get 6.000.000 daily page views.

Only for customers that registered through our network.

All "word of mouth" and your own channels - remain free and profitable.


  • CryptoCanvasCryptoCanvas Member Posts: 8
    Hey, you seem like someone who could help us.

    We have launched a BETA of our project CryptoCanvas. It allows you to create, collect and trade digital artwork. All the project data is stored on the Ethereum network. It would be really cool if you could have a look and give us your feedback.

    Here is more detailed post.

    You can find BETA here: https://goo.gl/NdiZn4 ; or here, if you are extra cautious https://beta.cryptocanvas.art

    Thanks in advance!
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