LittleCactus (fastest Diana) and verified contract

Dear all,

Similar to Diana, please welcome "Little Cactus" !!

This is a simple pyramid scheme which tries to avoid big walls. To do so, I lowered the payout to x1.4 and make sure people are not allowed to send more than 50 ETH. (if they do so, the excess will be sent back to the sender)
One might say that x1.4 is not much but that's something !

How to enter ?

Send at least 0.01 ETH and maximum 50 ETH to 0x1213C29B5E1A6f33e0d044f850a57B665e3cDE21
To send ETH, you have to use the official wallet or use the geth command line
eth.sendTransaction({from: eth.coinbase, value: web3.toWei(1, 'ether'), to: '0x1213C29B5E1A6f33e0d044f850a57B665e3cDE21', gas: 250000})

Contract verified :

What is the multiplier and fee ?

The multiplier is x1.4 and the fee are set to 0.1
e.g.: you send 1, you get 1.4 once the balance is sufficient


Although the contract code is verified, this is a pyramid scheme which means that it doesn't create value. It only redistributes investments according to the scheme.
This might seem to be a game but it's still money you are sending in the end. The creator is not in charge of the holdings, everything is on the blockchain.
Please review the code before investing


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