R7 370 Mining Rig

sweetdoodysweetdoody Member Posts: 13
hello, Im going to build my first mining rig and i am thinking to get the following items already:

Mobo: ASRock H81 Pro BTC
CPU: Intel 1150 G1840
RAM: HyperX Fury 4GB (1 stick)
GPU: 6x MSI R7 370 4GB
SSD: 128GB dont know the brand (just have it laying around already)

I don't have an open air case yet and I can't seem to find any (except for some expensive cases on eBay). I can build a premade kit if someone knows of one.

I also don't know which PSU to get. I won't need more than 750W I think since the MSI R7 370 only use 110W each.

Lastly, which risers do I need with this motherboard? I hear that powered risers dont work with it.


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