Can't Get --opencl-device 1 to Work Correctly

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I have 2 GPU's in my system. An AMD 7770 (1gb ram) and a AMD R9 380 (4gb ram). The 7770 is the primary system card because I wish to dedicate the 380 exclusively to mining without having it be hindered by various PC usings like browsing the web while mining.

I am ONLY trying to get the 2nd GPU to mine. My command is posted in the pic, but it is as follows:
ethminer -E old -G --opencl-device 1 --cl-local-work 256 --cl-global-work 16392 --farm-recheck 200 -F

Device 1 IS the 380 (confirmed by --list-devices) but it keeps trying to start the miner up using the device 0....

I'm using Genoil's 1.0.6 miner.

Even though it's saying mining at 0mh in the pic, after another 10 sec or so it just completely halts. Notice that it says the following though:
Creating one big buffer for the DAG
Allocating/mapping single buffer failed with: clCreateBuffer(-61). GPU can't allocate the DAG in a single chunk. Bailing.
Any thoughts as to how to get this thing to run just 1 card (not the primary card in system) ??


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