Will this build work + suggestions

BreeBree Member Posts: 9
Hello everyone, I'm building a new miner since I enjoyed mining with my GTX970 and want to take it to another level now.
I was planning to get 4 Radeon HD 7950 or R9 280x cards (or 2 of each? is that recommended?) since that wall fall into my budget.
What is the recommended motherboard for mining? Maybe one with support for up to 6 GPU's for future upgrade?
Also 1x 4GB ram will be enough I suppose. But what CPU is recommended? Any i3 with fan included?

As for risers, this will depend on the motherboard suggested I guess, but if you can please tell me which ones Ill need with the specified mobo. Is it recommened that they are powered risers?
And I was planning got a moderately priced 1000W gold PSU. Perhaps one from EVGA which I've heard a lot about.

Last think :P Do you know of any cheap open case structures? Or am I better off building it in a milkcase thing that people do?


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