Multiple GPUs?

ksukhinksukhin Member Posts: 150 ✭✭
Is there a guide to set up multiple GPUs in a rig? I'm getting a lot of conflicting answers...

1) Do all the GPUs have to be the same or can they be different?
2) If they can be different, how do I run multiple versions of drivers? Will it not overwrite the other drivers?
3) How do I edit my ethminer file so that it recognizes my multiple GPUS?

I've tried looking around but have had no luck, and pool websites only post a "guide" for 1 miner


  • DES_MXDES_MX Member Posts: 13
    1) can be anything you want them to be. same GPUs do help with assigning same settings for OC / undervolt
    2) Drivers are unified, no issue here, you can even combine Nvidia with AMD (not highly recommended)
    3) you don't need to, by default it will use all available GPU (unless you want advanced tweaking defining platform and specific GPU not to run)
  • suryawonosuryawono Member Posts: 63
    1) You can but only amd with amd or nvdia with nvdia
    2) You can install both driver nVidia or amd on your rig and run your grouped card parallel
    3) let the expert explain this
  • ksukhinksukhin Member Posts: 150 ✭✭
    I can get a few AMD GPUs used but they're not the same (280x, 290x, or 390) so I thought I'd have issues with drivers.

    I'm going to get a PCIe riser, which one is better USB powered or non-usb powered?
  • suryawonosuryawono Member Posts: 63
    if all amd, using 1 driver is good enough

    i have problem using usb riser, all my rig using ribbon riser
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