Sent ether to inaccessible mobile wallet....any help would be greatly appreciated.

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First off sorry for posting this in the mining section but I wasn't sure where to post and there is a lot of action of this area of the forum so I figured maybe someone could help here.

So I downloaded Jaxx on my mobile phone to move my ether off my pc while I worked on some hardware things with my pc, (dumb move I know) soon as the funds received to my Jaxx wallet the phone crashed and unfortunately because I had the app for literally about 10 minutes I had not yet done any backup for the app. I have exhausted all avenues of getting the phone up and running without wiping the date on it and I have contacted Jaxx and they have informed me there is nothing they can do as the account is not recoverable from my account address but only the passphrase or QR Code so the only way to get it is to get the phone up and running. Does anyone have any suggestions for me or did I just light all that ether on fire and am about to enter a state of depression? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You can probably copy the data off it?
  • revdrowrevdrow Member Posts: 4
    So.....I was just about to give up and throw my phone against the wall and move on with life when I remembered a old tale I heard back about 10 years ago that you could freeze a corrupt hard drive and get one last life out of it. Now I know its probably flash memory now and a little different but I figured why not. Froze the thing for 20 minutes and........IT ACTUALLY WORKED! Phone fired up I backed up wallet right away and then 5 minutes later the phone is dead and now will not even turn on at all. Crisis averted that you all that looked into this for me!
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    Awesome! Glad that worked out. I made a thread recently aboit baking one of my GPUs in the oven, heh. Temperature is a powerful thing.
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