How to change max gas in ethereum wallet?

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From what I understand, when I send a transaction, the wallet sets a top limit to the gas cost. The default is 121k gas.

How can I increase the max gas cost? One of my transactions (digixDAO crowdsale participation) just got rejected because I didn't attach enough gas. "THE TRANSACTION DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH GAS TO EXECUTE"

Also, what does it mean when the system says "data can't be executed so it will use all provided gas"?


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    I'm having a problem with this too. I'm trying to execute a function on my contract that takes a uint argument, and I noticed that the gas is 0 on all such functions.

    I tried making the transactions through geth but they always result in error, probably missing something.

    Anyway, in my case the I think the Mist problem is because I added the contract with the wrong JSON interface at first and it got bugged; now the contract appears twice and one of them can't be removed. Any clue how to get rid of it?

    In my case I was getting that error because I was entering a value outside of the range allowed by the contract's function. However, seeing that your gas doesn't show 0, it might be a different issue. You might need to recompile the wallet tweaking the max gas variable if it's a gas limit problem.
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