Advice with miner rig?

ksukhinksukhin Member Posts: 150 ✭✭
I'll be going home in 2-3 weeks and right now I have a few old parts sitting around and I'd like to use them in a rig to minimize the cost of investing into new parts.

e6600 core 2 duo
Asus p5g41-m (has 1 PCIe x16 and 1 PCIe x1)
550W PSU

I'd like to have 2 GPUs in there (I was thinking 290, 290x, or 390) which should give me 50-60MH/s

1) Do I have enough ram?
2) how much space on hhd should I get?
3) Is my PSU enough to power 2 of those cards - I'm pretty sure I'd need about 750W
4) What's a good PCIe riser for the x1 so I can turn it into a x16?
5)Which OS? Windows 7 or Ubuntu?
I keep hearing that Ubuntu is a great choice for OS but I have 0 experience with it and I have no clue how to set up dual drivers on Windows, let alone Ubuntu.

Thanks for the help!


  • axou64axou64 Member Posts: 21
    1) You must have 4GB or more
    2) Should have 16GB
    3)550W is the minimum, because each card is about 200W + the mobo and the processor, should be good, but no overclock is permitted
    4) USB riser or ribbon risers, you have the choice, but prefere powered risers
    5) Doesn't matter, take the one you prefer

    But remember, ether price is going down and difficulty is skyrocketting, so it'll will be no more longer profitable and you'll never ROI

    At your own risk
  • LP12LP12 Member Posts: 40
    290's going to draw 300w maxed out/oc'd; 390's is 375W so 550W PSU is no good, getting the X variant is a waste of money; if i was you i'd back off one to a pair of 380's - 225W each and better vfm - a pair should squeeze into a good 550W (just) - go for 4GB DDR5 on them as the DAG is growing.

    mobo ram - well if you're just going to mine, whatever to get the o/s up; 2 at a pinch, maybe 4 max.

    hdd irrelevant, whatever to run the o/s, or just run the o/s off a stick.

    riser -

    stick with windows 10 then and just run in the latest Crimson drivers, not a big deal...
  • ethermine_rocksethermine_rocks Member Posts: 228
    I agree you should use 4GB RAM, proc is irrelevant, PSU 80+ desired, but 390's should by all specs be far more power efficient than 290's. the are links on forum to find settings for card you choose to undervolt but keep hashrate consistent.
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