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I'd like to say thanks to Ethereum team for the platform and we start our first project on it.

The main idea of ThanksCoin is to let internet users to thank each other by one(or two) click. Thank=reputation+financial reward.

FB Page:
FB Group:

Code on GitHub:
Contract code verification:

About ThanksCoin

Reputation Ranking of Internet users and monetary reward according to the value of reputation.

ThanksCoin allows the Internet users:
  • to vote for the favorite bloggers, media, communities or any other projects increasing their reputation value and to give them financial support
  • to take part in the Ranking as author (blogger) and to create own Project raising money from the Internet community
  • to create social group on the Internet with public rules of governance and fundraising
It means that from today you can express gratitude giving rewards to your friends, projects, media, communities and just any people you like.
Put your favorite musicians, writers, journalists, consultants, politicians at the top of rankings.

Brief description
Registered ThanksCoin users receive the individual Thanks-links, that can be pasted into their posts on Facebook and other sites. Thanks-link is connected with the wallet-contract, which is created automatically during the user registration.

When the user wants to thank the author of the post or or any other project, he clicks the "Thanks" button in the post increasing in this way their reputation value. At the same time, the click makes a transaction for 0,1 USD from the user's wallet-contract to the general Ranking account.

Once a week all sum from the general Ranking account is distributing according to the each Group conditions:

For instance, there are the following rules of value distributing for the General group:

70% - paid to Bloggers proportionally to their reputation value
30% - financing of the Projects those ThanksCoin users voted for

We've developed a special software extension for Chrome Web browser that makes use of ThanksCoin more attractive, showing Thanks button instead of links in a post on Facebook.

What is "Thanks"?
The sum of received Thanks determines value of Reputation for each blogger.

Reputation depends on the amount of "Thanks" received for every post, and also on the reputation of each user who gave this "Thanks".
At the beginning, each users reputation equals 1 standard unit. Then all received "Thanks" from others will increase the value of her/his reputation.
There is also a mechanism for gradual reduction in value of the received authority in length of time in the ThanksCoin.
"Thanks" has also financial (money) equivalent. A cost of every given "Thanks" is 0,01 Ether.

Please let us know how is ThanksCoin for you.

Br, Viktor
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    Post your favorite music and get the Ether.

    Post your favorite music link and your ThanksCoin General group button link on ThanksCoin group wall on Facebook and get the Ether for 3 Thanks to your wallet-contract.
    ThanksCoin Group for publishing -
    You can spend money you get to say Thanks to the other users who post their favorite music.
    Please, register on to join the promo.
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