Mist Wallet always says - "X" since last block. Can't send Ether.

EtherUDoRDontEtherUDoRDont Member Posts: 3
I am running Ethereum Wallet 0.5.2 (newest I think) Mist on Mac OSX 10.11.3 El Capitan. (Says Geth under Activity Monitor.) It catches up with the blockchain every time I start it but after it opens it ALWAYS falls behind and says something like "14 minutes since last block".

It shows I have 10 peers right now and I seem to always be able to connect. When I try to send any Ether it just hangs there as if it is sending but it never does and then when I exit I get a timeout error. Is there a port that needs to be open or something? (I get peers though so it seems like it can connect.)



  • EtherUDoRDontEtherUDoRDont Member Posts: 3
    I have reinstalled my Mac OS and still nothing. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I see it mentioned doing some google searches and no answers were given.
  • EtherUDoRDontEtherUDoRDont Member Posts: 3
    I have given up on this, but if anyone is in a similar situation, you can just upload your UTC file into this wallet and then go to paper or exchange, etc. https://myetherwallet.com/
  • oakmasteroakmaster Member Posts: 12
    I'm having problems also besides the same problem as you mine etherbase address changed now I can't do anything with the contract wallet that has ether in it but I cleared out everything and put a backup keystore file in now I have my first etherbase address and no contract but I can tell you how I got my wallet to finally sync like I said I cleared out my mist and ethereum folders in app/data put my backup in and started geth by itself wouldn't sync but when I plugged my pc into my modem instead of wifi than started geth in fast mode it synced in a few hrs than I started mist the first time mist froze so I x it restarted and bam all good I'm thinking for whatever reason geth or mist don't like wifi
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