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Money making platform for everyone in the world.

Free membership multi-level compensation platform.

0.01% system maintenance fee (or less, decentralized).

Referral points:

Direct referrals (level 1) - 1000 points
Level 2 - 300 points
Level 3 - 50 points

Products and services

- Platform sells merchandise (website name) - t-shirts, caps, biz cards, keyrings, pens, stickers, etc. at market prices.
- Decentralized exchange - small fee.
- Cloud mining - smal fee.
- Gambling/bank - small fee.
- Other

Points system

The members you (and your downline) bring to the system will earn you points, this is based on ACTIVE members only each week.

ACTIVE members are those who generate a minimum of x profit to the network within the week. (Can be a minimum of $5 profit for example like a keyring purchase. Keyring costs $7.50, with a $5 profit to the network) or an x amount of trading, gambling etc that generated $5 profit to the network).

In that case $5 profit = 5,000 points = 5 lotto "tickets".

Every time you buy merchandise/trade/gamble/bank... that week, you earn points. You need a minimum of x points to win tickets and run for the weekly draws. A member that for example generated a $35 profit to the network that week, would have 35 lotto tickets. A member that generated 0 - $4.99 profit would have no tickets. You will need a minimum to become an ACTIVE member and run for the week lotto draw.


An open source lotto system (weekly payments) redistributes wealth to the whole ACTIVE network. The more points you have that week (ACTIVE members in your downline, and PERSONAL spending), the more chances you have to win a share of the network profits (more lottery tickets).

Non active members (no trading/spending a minimum of x during that week) will not have active points or "lotto tickets".

Prizes are not like traditional lotto where a few win a lot. Prizes are "1 in 3" chances to win per ticket.

Example: John signed up using my referral code and Mike joined through John's referral code. John only brought $2 profits to the network that week so hes not and active member so I don't get his 1000 points but Mike brought an $8 profit so he is ACTIVE that week and I get 300 points from him as we are both ACTIVE, John gets no points that week because only Mike is ACTIVE.

I brought a total of $22 profit to the network within that week which gave me for example 22,000 points = 22 lotto tickets PLUS I have a total of 35 ACTIVE members in my downline and that equals 18,000 points = 18 lotto tickets that makes a total of 40 lotto tickets for me.


Merchandise warehouse is decentralized (owned by the network). All open info - wholesale manufacturers prices, fees, salaries etc.

Money spins inside the system, those who work more to promote it and spend more (win more internal points) can be fairly rewarded by having more chances to win shares of the profits every week.

New members without referral randomly allocated (to ACTIVE members only during that week).

Super cool modern design is a must.

P2P escrow amazon/paypal type platform possibilities within the system.

10% of the revenue pool donated to charities and humanitarian / environmental causes.
Concentrate on charities focused on helping poor communities to access pure drinking water, organic farming and basic needs.

Thanks for reading. What do you think?
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  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    So it is kind-of a shop where you are rewarded for being customers in, but you can also sell within the shop? You'll have a hard time actually having stuff in the shop that people want/need, so money essentially *wont* spin around inside the shop. By necessity, the users buy stuff from outside the system, and accordingly it needs to find people that want stuff sold in the system.

    Tieing it in with some sort of lottery tickets doesnt sound good to me either.
  • SatCaSatCa Member Posts: 29
    @Jasper: Great Insight, I agree a central purpose for users is important to ensure customer engagement as per the primal vision. Users shall color the culture according to their collective whims.
  • FabzFabz AustraliaMember Posts: 11
    It could host an decentralized ebay/openbazaar (p2p, escrow, reputation) structure within so instead of fees (operation, advertising) going to a centralized organization, it is redistributed as rewards to members, according to their points earned by spending within the system and also members brought in.

    Weekly lotto could be added to the rewards system as part of it or as a whole, it keeps things exciting and fun and also fair (long term).

    Imagine a membereship social network (like facebook), with video conference (skype) and ebay built in where even big companies can participate and pay let's say a 10% comission to the system (sell directly from your warehouse to this big network and pay only 10% to participate and have part of it back as rewards).

    Add gambling - p2p, dice roll...

    Maybe add a direct recruited member cap to avoid whales with thousands of direct members in their immediate downline.

    It's the rebirth of MLM in a fair, fun, useful and social way. All Ethereum based of course.
  • FabzFabz AustraliaMember Posts: 11
    Also sell ads within the system of course.
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